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Employee Training Programs in  Burnaby

Finding and choosing an effective and engaging employee training program for your organization can be tough. The difficulty comes from not knowing which program or whose program is best, when many look the same.

Our Employee Engagement Consultants can make the task a lot easier for you. That’s because our programs are designed to be effective, memorable and fun! Your group will be motivated, inspired and move ahead with skills they can use.

Traditional employee training programs miss the target

You’ve probably found a number of employee training programs follow the same teaching methods as a high school lecture. This "classroom" style of training involves getting all of your employees to sit in rows, listen to speakers and watch videos. There may be a guided question-and-answer session to get some engagement, but these are mostly passive programs.

Training programs like these often disappoint for three main reasons:

  • They are boring: It's almost like being transported back into a 10th grade classroom. You listen as the speaker drones on about "synergy" and other buzzwords. Rarely will there be a hands-on component to the program.
  • They are bland: Many programs aspire to have a "corporate" look and feel. They have a slideshow that explains how people should come up with new ideas while never giving people a chance to be creative themselves. Participants fill out worksheets and training guides without interacting with coworkers to come up with new ideas.
  • They are ineffective: The world does not work like a lecture hall, and neither does your business. It is rare to find an organization that operates by one person lecturing and everyone else listening and taking notes. Employee training needs to teach people how to work and share with other people to achieve mutual goals.

What Makes Us Different

Organizations rely on people sharing and working together to achieve common goals and employee training programs should reflect this. We create programs that are in stark contrast to the "classroom style" and provide your group with a completely unique experience.

  • Effective: All of our programs are centered on providing results. They will make a difference to your bottom line because we focus on skills that participants can take back to the workplace. Programs like Winning Project Management and Authentic Leadership put tools in the toolbox that participants can walk away with and apply to real work situations.
  • Memorable: Our programs are designed to ensure that participants walk away remembering a few big lessons that will make a difference. Choose End-Hunger Games or Ninja Sales Quest and create a memorable experience that lasts a long time. 
  • Fun: A running theme throughout all of our programs is fun! Our programs are fun, exciting, adventurous, which keeps people excited and entertained. Spuds of Thunder, Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission or another of our great choices will get participants laughing, out of their comfort zones, and moving around so that energy levels remain high.

Avoid the pitfalls of programs that disappoint and miss the target. Chat with one of our Employee Engagement Consultants to explore an employee training program that helps you exceed your goals. Our Corporate Explorer Training team are expert facilitators who provide a money back guarantee that you and your team will be completely satisfied.

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