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Programs to Help Improve Time Management in the Workplace

Improve time management skills in  Burnaby

The truth about time management

It can be easy to forget that time is actually a human construct. Hours are really just a made-up concept, designed to help us measure the cycle of the sun.

And because we cannot actually control time, the phrase “time management” can be a bit inaccurate as well. All we really have control over is ourselves, and what we do with our time… that’s not really time management, that’s self-management.

But whatever you want to call it, being able to better take control of how you spend your time is a very useful skill to have. An interactive time management activity can help your team learn how to stay focused, become more efficient, and cut down on their procrastination habits.

Time Management Program

Three time management case studies

Improve Time Management Skills with Cardboard Boat Building
#1) Floating with delegation

A training and development company recently partnered with us on the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge as a fun way to test their employees' time management skills. In the activity, teams were tasked with building boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape, while also completing a series of teamwork challenges. Teams needed to work together and delegate responsibilities to finish their floating vessels before time was up.

This event was a company-wide hit! It was so much fun. Teams were laughing, talking, strategizing and generally having a great deal of fun. Every single employee was engaged - some were building boats, some were creating marketing material and some were negotiating for better prices of materials! It was really amazing to see every single person working hard on their team."

Improve Time Management Skills with Team Pursuit
#2) A timed pursuit

A charitable organization wanted a fun and fast way to build up their teamwork, and challenge their prioritization skills. The event organizers only had a few weeks to plan their activity, so the smartphone activity Team Pursuit was a perfect fit. On the day of the event, everyone in the group had access to a list of 80 teamwork challenges worth different point values, and needed to manage their time and think strategically to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The activities helped break the ice between employees and encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone as we learned the importance of team work and dependability. The challenges were fun, yet challenging and made a positive connection between coworkers."

Improve Time Management Skills with Going Live
#3) Lights, camera, no procrastination!

During the slow season, procrastination can kick in for employees and be a hard habit to break. One financial company recently energized their team with Going Live, a fun news-themed activity that comes with a ticking clock. The activity challenges teams to prepare a live news broadcast, and there’s no room for procrastination.

The easy set up and execution of the Going Live activity was great, and so was the team interaction. It brought excitement when people were organized into teams, and it was fun to compete with each other as well. It really allowed us to portray a fun side of our organization."

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