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Improving Team Meetings in Burnaby

Improving Team Meetings in  Burnaby

Engage your team with a unique activity that helps make your meetings more effective. Check out our fun solutions for improving team meetings in Burnaby.

Energize your team while improving team meetings

Are you looking for a fun way to inject some enthusiasm and energy into your next meeting in Burnaby? Interested in group activities that are specifically designed to improve team meetings? We can help with our range of activities that transform meetings into engaging and memorable experiences.

Your next meeting can go from mundane to exciting with our wide range of effective meeting activities and the help of our Employee Engagement Consultants. Improving team meetings is easy with our help.

Your employees will look forward to their next team meeting knowing that they are going to participate in a fun activity. We have created activities that are great for improving team meetings and will engage your group, improve relationships, and boost the energy of participants.

Team meeting activities can break up a day-long meeting, be an ice breaker at the beginning of your day, or be broken up over a multi-day conference. Whether you are looking for an activity that takes 30 minutes or four hours, we have solutions for your needs.

Meeting activities for big groups in Burnaby

Are you preparing for a big, company or department wide meeting in Burnaby? Do you have a group of 50, 100 or even 1,000 people to plan an activity for? All of our activities for improving team meetings are completely scalable for groups of any size.

Your next meeting could involve attendees making a human pyramid, learning fun facts about their colleagues, or even building bikes for local kids. We have an array of solutions perfect for improving your team meeting, brightening your colleagues’ days, and making your meeting truly memorable.

Explore activities for conferences and meetings.

Improve your small team meetings

We have a range of solutions for improving team meetings that are designed for groups on tight budgets. Whichever event is right for your team, our Employee Engagement Consultants will work with you to ensure that you have everything you need for success. On event day your team will use their smartphones to solve challenges through our team building app. You can run an activity during short breaks from your meeting, over a few hours, or you can even break the event up over multiple days.

Explore team building on a budget activities.

Research shows that the average employee attends more than 60 meetings every month. If you are going to make your meetings worthwhile they need to be effective. Incorporating fun activities into your meetings is a great way to engage employees and make your meetings more impactful.

5 effective activities for improving team meetings in Burnaby

  • Charity Bike Buildathon - Communication, creativity and collaboration are required to construct a quality build item for a local charity.
  • Getting To Know You - Participants learn useful and interesting facts about each other with this self-hosted smartphone activity.
  • Junkyard Orchestra - Engage your team and teach the power of teamwork with the musical facilitated team building activity Junkyard Orchestra.
  • Going Live - Going Live has teams broadcasting a news report in a high pressure setting. Each team communicates key messages around the theme of your choice.
  • Minute To Win It - A simple challenge and 60 seconds on the clock will keep your team communicating, collaborating, and cheering like true champs.

Companies everywhere trust us to improve their meetings

Improving your upcoming team meeting is easy with our help. We have been improving team meetings in Burnaby with fun activities for more than two decades. Our customers consistently comment on how flexible we are in providing an event that is perfect for their group, regardless of time, location, budget, or group dynamics.

From day one when I engaged your company with this event, your staff showed a high level of professionalism and service. I have been receiving nothing but praise from my team about the event your staff had put together for us. Thank you once again!"

Talk to one of our Employee Engagement Consultants today about the many fun ways to improve team meetings. We will respond to you fast with a custom quote and a unique solution for your team. We can work with you to find a program that fits within your budget and will make you look like a rock star with your colleagues after the event is complete.

Let’s spice up your next meeting in Burnaby

Finding unique ways to improve team meetings is easy with our [email protected], or by requesting a callback using our Contact Us form. Our Employee Engagement Consultants will contact you right away to discuss your needs and work with you to recommend the perfect activity for improving team meetings.